Dear groupies, Welcome to our new and improved website! It is my distinct pleasure to serve as president of an association committed to helping individuals and communities through the powerful vehicle that is group work. Our association welcomes any counselor interested in psychoeducational or therapeutic group work. We are a close-knit community of counselors and educators aiming to develop and disseminate best practices and resources to support group workers all over the world.

During these unprecedented times, our friend and ASGW president-elect Dibya Choudhuri, invites us to ponder, “… what is the role of groups here? It seems that far from being an obstacle or even a vector for disease, groups are more important than ever… Online groups are a powerful vehicle to communicate and connect, and in a world broken up by quarantines, might be able to bring us together.” Tell us what you think… Reach out via IG and FB @asgwsocial.  We welcome your input! Also, feel free to reach out to me directly at  Thank you and Be Well!

Ana Puig
ASGW President

The Journal for Specialists in Group Work

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