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  • Developmental Aspects of Group Counseling: Process, Leadership, and Supervision


    Developmental Aspects of Group Counseling: Process, Leadership, and Supervision, Parts I-III (Featuring Dr. Rex Stockton, Manuals prepared by Dr. Kelly McDonnell), 2012. # 79817 Institutional $150 ; #79821 Individual $79

    This video features a renowned group work expert and supervisor Dr. Rex Stockton providing supervision for a co-leader group facilitation duo and their process-oriented personal growth group. Divided into three parts, the group leadership and accompanying supervision address group facilitation issues through stages of early group development, transition, and the working stage and termination.

  • Leading Groups with Adolescents


    (Featuring Janice Delucia-Waack, Allen Segrist, and Arthur M. Horn, Manuals prepared by Dr. Amy Nitza), 2007. #78208 Institutional, $199; #78256 Individual, $89

    In this 3-part video, a group of high school juniors participates in a psychoeducational group filmed over two consecutive days for approximately 9 hours. The video, edited to 2 hours and 20 minutes, illustrates effective and challenging interventions across stages of group development. Features a discussion of “ground rules for safety,” group activities and member artifact sharing, and termination.