Since the initial publication of Group Work Experts Share Their Favorite Activities in 2004, the ASGW group activity manuals have been a mainstay for ASGW members, counselor educators and group workers. Each volume contains dozens of activities, shared by experienced group workers and written in an easy-to-follow style. In addition, every manual includes several chapters by group work experts addressing important group work considerations including how to match activities to group goals and stage, ethical considerations, and processing.

Activities are organized into chapters by group type, purpose or group member population. Each activity description includes the detailed information group leaders need to successfully execute the activity including goals, suggested target population and group development stage, list of materials, estimated time, and specific instructions including process questions.  

Note: We’re transitioning these popular manuals to new digital and print-on-demand formats. Currently, we have limited stock of the original spiral-bound editions; please contact us to see what we have on hand.



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