Fighting Implicit Bias and Systemic Racism through Mindful Compassion

In this session, we will make space and time to connect and reflect on compassion as a venue to promote allyship and commitment in the fight against oppression towards our African American and Black citizens.


The recent murder of George Floyd (May 25, Minneapolis, Minnesota) reignited the debate on police violence toward the African American and Black communities. The death of 46-year-old Floyd by a police officer who kneeled on his neck as Floyd repeatedly said “I can’t breathe,” led American citizens (and the entire globe) back to the streets to express outraged reactions against systemic racism. The past few months have been marked by demonstrations, statements of solidarity, campaigns, and conversations among all of us who are still trying to understand our role in dismantling oppressive systems in the US. The purpose of this session is to facilitate a visitation to our values, to our experiences, and to our participation in the current scenario. These overarching questions: what is my role supporting systemic racism?, why do I hold these beliefs?, how do I benefit from whiteness? will guide the investigation of ourselves and our most intrinsic values. Compassion is emphasized in the session as a tool to, “diagnose racism” as a social disease, and to be able to “treat” and “recover” from it and highlights the work of Ruth King, Mindful of Race.


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Date: 04/11/2020
Time: 4 pm EST
Duration: 4 hours
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In this webinar session, participants will be able to:

Explore the meaning and impacts of systemic racism and intrinsic bias;

Learn about the role of self-compassion in developing an anti-racist, allyship-focused stance; and,

Participate in a guided meditation practice focused on self-compassion and anti-racism.

Brief Professional Bio

Dr. Ana Puig is past-president of ASGW and serves as scholar and research director in the Office of Educational Research, College of Education at the University of Florida (UF). She is also Affiliate Faculty in the Counselor Education unit. Ana is a licensed mental health counselor and qualified supervisor in the state of Florida and a National Certified Counselor. She also holds a Spirituality and Health certificate from the Center for Spirituality and Health at UF and is core team member of the UF Mindfulness Program. Her areas of specialization are multicultural spirituality and religion in counseling; complementary therapies and mental health; and creativity in counseling. More recently she has conducted research on psychosocial outcomes of current and former patients of Streetlight, a UFHealth palliative care program, and on life after Hurricane Maria, an investigation of counseling needs in K-20 educational settings in Puerto Rico.