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The Association for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW) empowers helping professionals with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to practice effective, socially just, and ethical group work in a diverse and global society.

President’s Welcome Note

Greetings, Fellow Group Workers – Welcome to the Association for Specialists in Group Work. Whether you are a returning member, new member, or just visiting, we hope you will take a moment to browse.

ASGW is a welcoming community where members share a passion for providing effective, culturally responsive group work across multiple settings and professions. I am honored to serve as ASGW President (2021-2022). As we look forward to the upcoming year, I want to highlight some exciting ongoing efforts and opportunities…

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Celebrating 50 Years!

We are excited to share that 2023 marks the 50th year of ASGW and we are ready to celebrate! We’ve come a long way since 1973, when a gallon of milk cost $1.40, Secretariat won the Triple Crown, and The Exorcist was the top-grossing movie! More importantly, 1973 saw the removal of homosexuality from the DSM, the signing of the Paris Peace Accord to end the Vietnam War, and the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on Roe v. Wade.

Since that time, group workers have been instrumental in supporting their clients, students, and communities through times of change, including those that have brought triumph and those that have brought hardship. This year, we want to lift up and celebrate the diverse collection of group work pioneers and today’s professionals who continue to recognize and promote the power of group work and who utilize groups as a means of helping members to connect with one another and effect real personal and systemic change.

ASGW Statements

ASGW Statement on Canceling 2024 Conference in Florida

ASGW decides to cancel its 2024 Conference due to recent Florida state legislation which endangers the dignity and safety of its members.

ASGW Statement on Hurricane Fiona

ASGW stands with the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona.

ASGW Statement on Affirming Choice

ASGW stands with other ACA divisions in Affirming Choice. We unconditionally affirm that, as mental health professionals, we believe in the empowerment of women and that all human beings have rights to privacy and personal decision-making about their own bodies.

ASGW Statement on the School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas

We are devastated by the recent senseless murders of grocery shoppers in Buffalo, NY, churchgoers in Orange County, CA and now schoolchildren and teachers in Uvalde, TX. We are grieving for their lives violently cut short and heartbroken for their shocked families.

ASGW Statement of Support Against Hate

Statement from ACA Divisions to affirm support for LGBTQIA populations in light of discriminatory initiatives and legislation nationwide, referencing the long history of ACA’s stance against discrimination as antithetical to the profession of counseling.

Presidential Statement – Members Meeting April, 2021

Presidential Statement from the ASGW Members Meeting, April 2021

ASGW Statement on Where We Stand and What We Believe

ASGW Statement on Where We Stand and What We Believe

ASGW Statement on Anti-Trans and LGBTQIA Initiatives

ASGW Statement on Anti-Trans and LGBTQIA Initiatives

ASGW Statement on this Divided Nation

ASGW Statement on this Divided Nation

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  • Five (Plus) Things to Know about Kendra Jackson, PhD
    Dr. Kendra Jackson currently serves as our ASGW Treasurer and President-Elect. As we get to know our leadership and members a bit better, we asked a few questions about her experience working with groups and involvement in ASGW.

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