ASGW Membership

Cultivating and empowering members with the knowledge, skills, and resources to practice effective, socially just, and ethical group work in a diverse and global society.


The Association for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW) is the premier international organization for group workers who value the creation of community, support, and the installation of hope. The foundation of our organization is built on principles of multiculturalism, social justice, and the embracement of global perspectives, which permeate all group work. Our organization works diligently to support and to provide services to our members and the profession by assisting with the knowledge and the acquisition of skills of group leaders, which enables group workers to be a catalyst for facilitating self-awareness, growth, and healing in the clients they serve.

United in heart and in mission, the Association for Specialists in Group Work is dedicated to providing current group work research, developing and updating group counseling competencies and standards, developing innovative and evidence-based modalities for effective group practice, and providing an abundance of training and resources to enhance the professional growth of our members.

We thank you for your involvement and for choosing ASGW as the group to join!

Why Join

The Association for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW) is devoted to equipping group workers with the tools and resources to be effective group leaders that implement innovative group practices.

Benefits of Membership

ASGW Webinars

Live webinar sessions are offered free of charge for all members. ASGW State branches can access webinars at a discounted rate.

Journal for Specialists in Group Work (JSGW)

Complete access to past, current, and special editions of the journal for ASGW.

ASGW Products

Products for ASGW including, shirts, DVDs, novelties, and books are offered at a discounted rate.

ASGW Resources

Members are granted access to free resources, such as Ten Strategies to Intentionally Use Group Work to Transform Hate, Facilitate Courageous Conversations, and Enhance Community Building.

ASGW Training Videos

Recorded videos on group practice and group research are available for members to obtain continuing education units (CEUs).

Awards and Scholarships

Members are eligible for awards for their contributions to the area of group work. Some awards may include a monetary component.

Research Grants

Funding available for research that increase the understanding of group work.

ASGW “Groupie” Spotlight

Members are recognized for their contributions and work in the area of group work practice and research.

ASGW Digital Badge

Receive a validated indicator of your commitment, involvement, and passion for ASGW and group work.

ASGW Committee Involvement

Opportunities to serve on numerous committees to expand and enhance ASGW.

Strategic and Advocacy Initiatives

Join group leaders in promoting global efforts to instill hope and united communities through group work.

Exclusive Benefits and VIP Access

By being a member of ASGW, members are granted VIP access and exclusive benefits through the “ASGW Groupie Portal” by using your member login and password. You will have complete access to these exclusive benefits:

  • Access to Group Counseling course syllabi (both residential and online)
  • Free access to group activities
  • Groupie Blog
  • ASGW Groupie Directory
  • Group Consultation
  • Online Group Support for Group Workers
  • Free webinars

How to Join?


Select your membership type

  • The ASGW application will assist you with selecting the correct membership level based on your credentials and qualifications.
  • Prices vary by membership level
  • You may choose to join ASGW and ACA; however, an ACA membership is not required in order to become a member of ASGW.


Complete application process

a. You can complete the application by accessing the following link: You may also join by completing a print version of the ASGW application.
b. After completing the ASGW application, you will be notified of your acceptance through a confirmation email and welcome letter.
c. Membership will last for 1 year.


Enjoy exclusive member benefits

a. Network with groupies globally
b. Grow and advance your group leadership skills

Types of Membership

Graduate Student Membership

  • Must be a graduate student enrolled in an educational program
  • ASGW Graduate Student Membership Only $37
  • ASGW and ACA Student Membership $142

New Professional Membership

  • Must have graduated with a degree/certificate within the past 12months.
    This status is good for two years.
  • ASGW New Professional Membership Only $37
  • ASGW and ACA New Professional Membership $142

Professional Membership

  • Must hold a degree in counseling or a related field and are engaged in teaching,
    practicing, and/or researching in the area of group work.
  • ASGW Professional Membership Only $50
  • ASGW and ACA Professional Membership $239

Retired Membership

  • Must be retired from the counseling profession and have maintained active
    involvement with ACA and/or ASGW for five consecutive years.
  • ASGW Retired Membership Only $37
  • ASGW and ACA Retired Membership $142

Membership Renewal

Renew your ASGW membership to maintain access to all of your exclusive membership benefits.

You can renew your membership by accessing the provided link Members may choose to renew online or in print. If you renew online, please follow the prompts to renew your membership. For questions regarding membership, please contact the ASGW Membership Chair, Kendra L. Jackson via email at

Groupie Involvement

ASGW is committed to expanding the organization and the opportunities that are available to members. Take action and become involved by allowing your voice to be heard by completing the “Group Involvement Form” below.




    ASGW thanks you for your willingness to serve and to help the organization to continue to flourish!

    ASGW “Groupie” Spotlight

    Dr. Christine Suniti Bhat

    Professor of Counseling at Ohio University Past ASGW President 2017- 2018

    Dr. Bhat has extensive international experience as an educator, counselor, and psychologist. She currently serves as the ASGW representative to ACA’s Governing Council. Dr. Bhat has previously served in state and national leadership positions, including as President of the Ohio Counseling Association and Treasurer of Chi Sigma Iota. Her research interests are in group counseling, positive and strengths-based approaches in counseling, mentoring, and cyberbullying prevention. As a counselor educator, Dr. Bhat enjoys teaching group counseling, preparing masters and doctoral level counselors to effectively and ethically facilitate groups to assist with fostering strength, growth, and healing in clients. She is passionate about mentoring and several of her current and former students are in leadership positions in ASGW and other counseling organizations.