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Yesterday, Hurricane Fiona made landfall in Puerto Rico, leaving destruction, flooding, and an island-wide power outage. ASGW expresses its concern for our many division members living in Puerto Rico, as well as the family, friends, and colleagues of our ASGW members.

Almost five years ago to the day, in 09/2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and was the deadliest natural disaster within a U.S. territory in 100 years. Nearly 3,000 people died, and the island blackout lasted almost 11 months. The destruction was still evident when ASGW hosted its 2020 conference in Puerto Rico, where conference volunteers assisted by providing support to schools and helping with rebuilding efforts. Please keep the residents of the Dominican Republic in your thoughts as well, as they have also been hit hard by this most recent hurricane.   

ASGW asks that you continue to monitor calls for assistance, and that you consider supporting these organizations in any ways that you can. One such local effort in Puerto Rico has been shared by an ASGW member: Contact the group via email at   

Another organization, Brigada Solidaria del Oeste (BSO), provided posters noting what supplies are needed at this time. Please see attached. Translation:

Support that is needed: Water purification tablets, Solar powered flashlights, Water filters, First aid kits

Do not send the following supplies: Bottled water, Clothes/shoes, Batteries, Food, Medicine

Monetary support can be sent to the addresses provided in the poster.