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Awards & Funding

Our members engage in innovative and groundbreaking work on local, regional, national and international levels and we are excited to recognize their work in the areas of group work research, practice, and teaching.

ASGW Awards and Scholarships

  • Group Work Practice Award
  • Eminent Career Award
  • Professional Advancement Award
  • ASGW Peg Carroll Scholarship
  • Carolyn Thomas Outstanding Branch Award
  • The Rex Stockton Scholarship
  • The Al Dye Award

ASGW Research Grants

ASGW funds studies that increase understanding of group work. Two grants up to $1,000 each is awarded for research projects that meet the criteria each year. Projects must address the focus areas of group leadership, group membership, group processes, or training and supervision in group work practice. Projects may address any of the four group work types (i.e., task, psycho-educational, counseling, or therapy). These grants are open only to ASGW members.

ASGW Fellows

ASGW Honors Prominent Leaders Who Have Contributed Significantly to the Field of Group Counseling, Research and Practice.

Awards Gallery

ASGW Awards 2020

Awarded at the ASGW Conference in Puerto Rico

ASGW Awards 2019

Awarded at ACA Conference #NOLA at Members Meeting, March 2019