Five (Plus) Things to Know about Dr. Erik Messinger

Dr. Erik Messinger, ASGW Membership Chair and Assistant Professor of Psychology and Counseling at Hood College, has been involved in ASGW for the past three years.  As we get to know our leadership and members a bit better, we asked him a few questions about his experience working with groups and his involvement in ASGW.

  1. What motivated you to take on a leadership role within ASGW?

    A lot of my mentors were involved in ASGW. It felt like a natural progression once I was invited to serve on some committees. I have always enjoyed leadership and ASGW has been a welcoming place without the intimidation of starting out as a new leader in the field. It was also a great way for me to meet colleagues I normally would not have contact with. 

  1. What motivated you to take on a leadership role within ASGW?

    Have a plan and be intentional but also learn to be adaptable and meet the needs of the group.

  1. What could ASGW members come to you for advice on or help with?

    Anything membership related! I have been a frequent point of contact regarding how to get involved and even the best ways to get involved. I am always happy to have a conversation about group work and taking that passion even further! 

  1. What is your favorite memory of being involved with ASGW?

    Attending my first ASGW conference in February 2022! It was great to see the pieces come together from the inside and be part of the conversations that made the conference so successful. It was a great conference and it was inspiring to see everyone come together to make it work!

  1. Why should others become involved in ASGW leadership?

    This is such a good way to get involved and meet so many great people! I am more introverted and ASGW has been such a welcoming place to get to know others who love group work and put those passions to work.

+ Who would your own dream counselor be?

Stephen King! He is my favorite author and as someone who uses a lot of metaphors in session, I feel like he could put some deep thoughts into a metaphor we can all understand.