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  • Group Counseling with Adolescents : A Multicultural Approach


    Group Counseling with Adolescents: A Multicultural Approach (Featuring Sheri Bauman and Sam Steen, Manuals prepared by Rachel Vannatta and Linda Feehs), 2012.  #78253 Institutional $199, #78254 Individual $89

    In this video, a group of 8th graders participates in a 2-day group focused on exploring cultural diversity through activities and processing. Editing of the group sessions was limited, allowing viewers to observe and reflect on developmentally appropriate activities, member engagement, and processing as it unfolds over time.  Activities demonstrated include icebreakers, self-disclosure through art, group identity, and discrimination awareness. 

  • Group Work Experts Share Their Favorite Multicultural Activities: A Guide to Diversity-Competent Choosing, Planning, Conducting, and Processing.


    (#72891, 262 pages) Editor: C. Salazar

    This easy-to-use manual includes nearly 50 activities designed for culture-specific, intercultural learning, and other-content focused groups- including activities for training diversity-competent group leaders. The activities, arranged by diversity group type, are accompanied by five chapters on essential group work issues like diversity-competent group leadership and types of diversity-related groups.