April 13, 2021

Solution Focused Approach Webinar

This webinar provides a brief introduction to the Solution Focused Approach method for school counselors. This method is applicable for students in K-12 grades.

Each basic idea will be accompanied by case examples to make the approach easy to grasp. Additionally, participants will learn the 3 basic steps to having a solution focused conversation with students, parents and teachers.

April 9, 2021

ASGW Membership Meeting

It had been a whole year since our members met, and needless to say we were ready to reconnect.

During this meeting we discussed the following:

  • Experiential mindfulness opening session presented by Yolie Olavarria
  • General membership information presented by different members
  • Group Work Ethics Guidelines presented by members of the ASGW ethics task force initiatives
  • In Memoriam Remembrance Awards Ceremony presented by Dr. Dibya Choudhuri

We want your feedback!

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