Webinar: The School Counselor’s Guide To Using  Solution Focused Approach with Students, Teachers, and Groups

Linda Metcalf, M.Ed., PhD, LMFT
Assistant Professor, Texas Wesleyan University

Webinar Overview:
This webinar will present some basics of the solution focused approach for school counselors, that are applicable for students In K-12 grades. Each basic idea will be accompanied by case examples to make the approach easy to grasp. Additionally, participants will learn the 3 basic steps to having a solution focused conversation with students, parents and teachers.

In addition, ideas for creating and facilitating solution focused groups in schools for any situation will also be introduced Whether it is a group for anxious students or students who have experienced loss, the solution focused approach provides a safe and sensitive environment where students can discover their expertise in coping. The use of the solution focused basics and the 3 steps work perfectly in solution focused groups, which can be theme oriented or simply process groups, where students create their own direction for the group. This webinar will provide the school counselor with a quick overview of the solution focused approach which promotes discovering the expert within each student, teacher or parent.


  • Participants will learn a basic overview of the solution focused basic constructs as they apply to the school setting
  • Participants will get information on how to begin a solution focused group
  • Participants will review the 3 basic steps to a solution focused conversation.


Apr 13 2021


*Eastern time
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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